CorÑuble has a new Website available en English and Spanish

With globalization and interconnectivity on the rise, CorÑuble has decided to enhance its online presence by developing a bilingual website

As part of its digitalization process, CorÑuble wanted to be a pioneer in providing a website in two languages (English and Spanish), demonstrating that globalization has brought Ñuble closer to the rest of the world.

"Having a bilingual website is no longer an unreachable dream," says Eric Concha, Chief Operator Officer at Zenitx Informática company in charge of this project, "in fact, if the web is built with modern and adequate tools, users without technical knowledge can update or add new content to the web easily".

Regarding the translation, it was agreed that it would be done by people and not by an automatic service. "Many times the literal translation done by machines is not correct and fails to adequately express the ideas, to avoid that situation the translation was done manually for people who speak both languages, in fact if you visit the CorÑ website in English you can notice slight differences in the text that make it more understandable for English speakers", emphasized the Zenitx Informática COO.

We´re pleased to add this new communication channel with our partners and friends in Ñuble, to support together the development of our region.